Community Breakfast Club

We all know that the most important part of the day is Breakfast especially for children who have to concentrate all day at school. We also know that food feeds the brain and without it we wouldn’t be able to concentrate very well and would become tired. Here at the Community Centre we are aware of the rising costs of food so we provide a place for parents & carer’s to bring their children before school where they can have a tea, toast, cereals and fruit and it’s all free


Messy Monsters 

Parent Cares and toddler groups are a lifeline to many parents and carers as they provide a welcoming and supportive environment during the week. Because of this, toddler groups can have a great impact on their lives, and the lives of the children who attend

Children naturally make friends through joining in group activities such as the craft table, story and song times. Often children can be accompanied by someone other than a parent; this could be a friend of the family, a childminder, a grandparent or other relative.  The great part about Messy Monsters is that Parents, carers and team members all join in with the activities and chat with each other in a friendly safe and warm environment.  Jayne our Group leader says.

Whatever the reason for coming to the group you’ll always be greeted with a warm smile and friendly face.

People come along for different reasons,  for some it is to help their child mix with other children, while for others it is because they are hoping to meet new people, others will be there to prevent isolation and to gain support in the responsibility of parenting.


Junior Youth Club  (Thursday 5.30PM – 7PM)

Brampton Junior Youth Club is the perfect place to be with old friends and make new ones! There are lots of things for you to do, you can hang out with friends, dance at the disco, sing at karaoke, go on the computers or the ps4, for the more arty young person we do lots of creative activities and for the more active young people we have obstacle courses, dodge ball, mat ball, football, pool and table tennis.